Our Team




Our management team is comprised of experienced individuals, with extensive knowledge in the oilfield. Together we have combined our knowledge and created a company that excels in professionalism, integrity and education.



Our medics are accompanied by a management team member on the first day of a new project. We feel that putting a face to the name allows the consultant to speak more freely about their concerns or questions and enables us to create an excellent rapport, as well as solve any problems before they arise.

We provide professional hands on training for every employee for each new product that we incorporate into our inventory prior to putting it in the units.



A member of our management team will visit each location a minimum of once bi-weekly to audit the medic as well as touch base with the consultant.

All critical supplies are immediately delivered upon an incident.

An investigation is immediately performed in the event of a critical incident.



We value our medics and believe they are an integral part of our team. Together we have, and continue to build a company that is based on integrity, professionalism and quality. Thus providing the client the most professional and stress free medic.


Kasey Deveaux